Starship Operators

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Starship Operators

Cover of 1st volume Region 1 DVD of Starship Operators.

(Sutāshippu Operētāzu)

Drama, Military science fiction, Space opera

Light novel

Written by
Ryo Mizuno

Illustrated by
Ryu Naito
Kimitoshi Yamane

Published by
MediaWorks (2001-2008)
ASCII Media Works (current)


Dengeki Bunko

Original run
March 10, 2001 – May 10, 2005


Anime television series

Directed by
Takashi Watanabe

Music by
Kenji Kawai


Licensed by

Tokyo Night Train, then Madman Entertainment


MVM Films

Original network
TV Tokyo

Original run
January 5, 2005 – March 30, 2005

13 (List of episodes)

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Starship Operators (スターシップ・オペレーターズ, Sutāshippu Operētāzu?) is a science fiction light novel series written by Ryo Mizuno. Six volumes were published by MediaWorks (now ASCII Media Works) between 2001 and 2005. A 13-episode anime adaptation produced by J.C.Staff was aired on TV Tokyo in Japan. Starship Operators is licensed in English in the United States by Geneon.


1 Plot
2 Characters

2.1 Primary (Command) Bridge
2.2 Secondary (Fire Control) Bridge
2.3 Tertiary (Navigation) Bridge
2.4 Other Amaterasu Crew Members
2.5 Henrietta Planetary Alliance
2.6 Civilians

3 Episodes
4 Ships
5 Organizations
6 Places
7 Theme songs
8 Staff
9 Japanese Companies
10 External links

Starship Operators is about the 73rd class of the Defense University of the Planet Kibi. As they are returning home after the maiden voyage of the Amaterasu (アマテラス?), they find that their home planet, Kibi, has been taken over by one of the Henrietta region’s super powers, Henrietta Alliance of Planetary Nations.
The original command crew all abandon ship, as per the conquerors’ demands. Left alone on the ship, the cadets decide to keep their command and fight on. To this end, they have decided to ask Galaxy Network to fund the operation of Amaterasu as a fleeing self-governed nation in exchange for letting them broadcast the ship’s adventures live – as a reality TV program.
The novel’s storyline also features Amaterasu finding its way through space to reach the control zone of another super power, the Henrietta Independent Federation, for protection.
The Amaterasu command structure is divided into t